How To Take The Stress Out Of Cooking When Camping

There’s nothing better than getting out and enjoying the great outdoors. You find yourself deep in nature with all of your favourite things: family, friends, crisp clean air and fresh delicious food. Cooking on a camping trip is a stress factors for some, so we’re looking to make it easier with you today.

BJ Landers BJ45 Sticker

Camping is great fun but chances are statistically, your family are mostly glampers and meals are one of the key ingredients to bringing family together.

Food tastes different outdoors! The hunger is more perceptual, all your senses are heightened, and fresh ingredients taste SOOOOOO GOOOD! A car fridge or a cooler to keep that tomahawk steak and bacon at safe temp.  You can whip up a fresh salsa verde, and pull it out day 3 if you have cooling sorted.

  • Bring more than enough water
  • Don't underestimate cooling energy needed for perishables like meats
  • Bring something fun for sad campers to do. Like make a chocolate cake! 


Preparation is key. If you're planning on grilling at your campsite, you have many options. If you're doing a lot of camping, I'd suggest bringing a cast-iron skillet to help cook your meats and vegetables. Actually we really love this plow disc idea. Well I do some people think its excessive haha not naming names. 

Plow Disc

We got some one from Southwestdisk and it fits perfect into the drawer system. Its awesome to pull out a 40,000 btu burner and a wok, make an awesome meal on cast iron. Or make a huge paella like this for the whole camp. Lots of great ideas on their facebook too.

Recipe idea: Paella

And don't forget about breakfast! Bacon and eggs are always a good option. You could also easily be making pancakes or french toast just like home or you could even make a shakshuka!

On this trip B did his classic trucker spaghetti with a portable Coleman stove. The stove fits perfectly in the drawer system if you're more of the minimalist and don't want to bring a propane plow disk, that fitment of essential items a major design key. 

bj landers mobile kitchen

We built our own kitchens one of a kind, and by hand. This one is my first design, Jason and Chantal let me have at it and tried not to provide any design ideas, unless it was going to be dangerously bad.  They've been doing this for years now, so feel free to ask us any questions you may have. We also have a great local mobile kitchen builder who can get your dreams turned into reality using the elusive Italian 13 layer baltic birch. 

Hopefully you got some inspiration, or ideas for your next camping trip, or camp kitchen. You don’t have to devote a whole lot of time or money to make it out to the great outdoors. With some planning, you can go on an enjoyable camping trip, and bring your own kitchen with you, whatever that is. The ability to choose and make your own thing is one of the awesome things about overlanding, its freedom vibes.

Just remember that a little bit of effort can go a long way.

**We have no affiliation with southwestdisk, or any of the recipe sites just ideas, or MEC we are just sharing what we like here.

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