New for 2023! The BJ73 Landers Gear Platform Goes to Production

The BJ73 Landers Gear Platform replaces the 5th generation Toyota 4Runner stock cargo area. Its durable surface laminated coating and sturdy 13 layer plywood construction plus a 1/4" plate steel mounting rail system make the gear platform an adventurers ultimate base solution for gear mounting needs. This IS NOT bed liner coated 6 layer plywood that will off-gas toxic fumes. This is a professional solution, very high quality base materials and not much else. 

Why we made this
Its function is both for permanently mount gear to it like a kitchen and slide fridge or for temporary mounting gear with straps. During 4wd the sound of unsecured heavy items is extremely annoying. In the unfortunate instance that you have an accident you do not want loose heavy items in the back as they may become projectiles. 

BJ73 Landers Gear Platform

The 13 layers of premium quality Baltic Birch is known for its strength and durability. The platform can withstand the rigours of any overlanding adventure and keep your gear locked in place.

It is custom fit perfectly for the cargo area of your 5th generation Toyota 4Runner.

Designed to meet the needs of the Canadian adventurer in climates that have extreme temperatures and high amounts of moisture.

Its elegant design and natural wood highlights add a touch of luxury to the interior of your SUV, making it the perfect addition for anyone looking to elevate their overlanding experience.

No matter what trim level of 5th Generation 4runner you have, this is a direct fitment replacement.  If you had a sliding cargo tray you will gain you 2.5" of headroom.

We are exceptionally proud of the expert craftsmanship and attention to detail put into this design from our engineering partners here in Canada. Big shout out to Sean @rouxscan and the fabrication concepts from Travis @arc_croft_fab

This material cost is very high because in this case you do get what you pay for. 

About Us
The BJ73 Landers Gear Platform is our fourth product, the first two were group orders on products that we needed from out of country. The last two are things we made here in Canada. For this one we had sales literally the first day we posted it up on the site and for such a small company that was extremely fun. Big thank you Albert out in BC. 

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