Selling out of the Tents in a few short weeks

Well we are sold out! now officially. Damn that was quick one and pretty fun too! We had a trip out to BC to deliver a few to some buddies. 

picture of us camping with buddy

This BJ Landers Tent v1 was special, a unique breed of products for us. We know they are always sold out, and the design is getting pretty honed in. Hard shell RTT's provide shelter from the harshest elements, off the ground, less puddles, less bugs, offer you and your loved ones a cozy place to sleep, and create lasting memories (or not). When you spend a lot on a tent, it's easy to expect the very best in performance. But what makes some tents stand out? And how do you know which ones are worth your money?

We researched over 50 different options before settling on our top pick. Fabrics, zippers, seam seal, metals, you name it so when we arrived with some options. Then we put that tent through its paces with tests designed to answer questions like these: How many people will it comfortably house? What kind of weather conditions can it withstand? Will I need any tools to set it up? And will I stay warm and dry using this tent no matter where I am?

This is the first BJ Landers branded aluminum clamshell that we have offered.  After spending combined months in other styles, this was the fit we wanted.  Slim, sleek, fast to use, and made to last.

Being able to stop, pop two latches, and climb in under 15 seconds, might seem overboard, but for some that is exactly the right amount of time to spend on setup. This tent was designed for the outdoors, but it's also great for people who want to just go sit and watch the view somewhere for 20min where maybe it's wet or there are bugs normally. It makes an awesome couch for mountain side drinks on date night.

We brought in 10 units from our first design this year and then promptly sold them as there was literally no room in our storage location (garage) for anything else. Tents are BIG! We learned a lot about the process in the mean time. We still have some logistics issues, we have a few pieces that got caught in Canadian customs we will need to re-distribute to our friends who bought the first 10 tents (tent cross-bars, anti-condensation mats, nylon lock nuts).

If you got one of these tents, now that you've had some time to try it out, we're wondering if you have any ideas for improvements: We personally loved the tent, but we know there is always room for design improvements and we have our own. So please reach out here, or post on our instagram.

What you would like to see in v2?


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  • Wow! These tents look great. Please let us know when you get more in stock!

    • James