BJLanders BJ30, Business to Business Sales

The BJ30 | A 30L Drawer Fridge 

Thank you for checking out our business to business partner sales for the BJ30 fridge/freezer drawer. BJ Landers Adventure Co is a Canadian owned and operated small business that specializes in the sales and support of 4WD components.

Checkout the product specs here 

Warranty & Returns

BJ offers, to you and your customers, an amazing 2yr guarantee to be free of manufacture defects with free replacement.

Shipping & Handling

All our products are shipped to you from Vancouver and Calgary depending on stock. We use different couriers so depending on your location we will make a shipping setup that is right for you.


We are committed to supporting you and your customers. We offer installation guides, how-to videos, 7am - 5pm PST online chat support and direct  email with The BJ Landers extended warranty is really good, and you can trust it, and pass it on to make more happy customers. 

Personal Small Business Touch

We do b2b support directly as owner operators. We are both in the west and operate 6am-6pm PST.  We offer easy local phone, website, or email ordering for your business. 

BJ products come with a personalized letter of thanks from either Brennon or Jason, a custom sticker, and any supporting documentation requested including things like mounting instructions, links to any included apps.



Slide fridges are better! 

Get A Demo Unit

Call or email us to come by your place of business with a demo setup so you can experience first hand.

Fridge talk is free. We are happy to discuss how your business operates and what will work.  We can help you plan anything you want to do with the fridge and best of all, we handle the importing, branding, support and have lead times you can trust so you can fulfil your customer orders every time.

We do our own social media and brand, we keep it entertaining, small scale and classy. 

Looking forward to your call, 

Brennon / Jason
Owner Operators of BJ Landers Adventure Co. 
ph. 604.345.6915