Installing the BJ73 Landers Gear Platform How-To

Congratulations on your new gear platform!

There is a lot riding on the construction and safe installation of your mounting setup. Lets get it installed right.

Getting Started / Tools and Workspace

1) Stock Trim Removal

  • Plastic Removal Tool
  • M15 Socket + Wrench or Drill

1b) Non-Cargo Tray Nut Discovery (option for non-cargo tray model)

  • Flashlight
  • Long Metal Punch
  • Drill Bits
  • Drill

2) Plate Install

  • M15 Socket + Wrench or Drill
  • M6 Allen Key + Wrench or Drill
  • Long Screw Driver
  • 4 x 15mm socket cap screws (black)
  • 4 x 6mm socket Toyota mounting screws (stainless)



Stock Trim Removal (short video here)

  1. Remove the stock carpet, and optional sliding cargo tray. There are a lot of videos online that do this, we like the one here

Non-Cargo Tray Nut Discovery (short video here)

  1. Identify the 4 mounting holes in your cargo area. If you had the cargo tray option all nuts are exposed already. If you did not have the cargo tray, you need to locate two that are hidden under the sheet metal. We had a customer send us some awesome videos of the non-cargo tray process which you can see here

Install Steps (short video here)

  1. Place the steel mount plates, and loosely attach the provided 4 x 15mm Toyota mounting screws (stainless). 
  2. Place the wood platform onto the mounts, and locate the its mounting holes, align all 4 using a large screwdriver.
  3. Move the wood platform out of the way so you can tighten the bolts all the way now, in their right locations.
  4. Again place the wood platform down, and check your bolt holes are aligned properly. If they are move to step 7, if not, you have to go back to step 5.
  5. Hand tighten the provided 6mm cap screws (black).
--- Install Complete---
Customer Example



You can attach anchor points now wherever you wish.

For light duty application, we suggest using something called a "Propeller Nut" and a "Eye Bolt". Pre-drill the hole, insert the propeller nut at the bottom of the platform, and attach the eye bolt at the top. They sandwich the platform and create a strong, easy to attach/detach anchor point. 

propeller nut and anchor

Disclaimer: We do not include this hardware and make no claims about mounting strength. It is up to you to ensure the Max loading Load, and Max Breaking Load of your hardware can exceed the force of the gear you mount. This is just an idea for what you could do, on your own. 


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