B1 Stealth Alpha Expedition Roof Rack for the 5th Gen Toyota 4runner


The Stealth Alpha Expedition roof rack is the ultimate roof rack for your 5th gen Toyota 4runner. It was designed and built to be a strong, safe, and versatile roof rack that can handle any adventure you throw at it. This is one of the strongest racks on the market and will support over 800lbs of weight with no problem at all. This is larger than most other vehicles! With its patented design based off of military grade equipment, you're going to have peace of mind knowing that your gear is safe when traveling down bumpy roads or cruising down windy mountain passes. The Alpha Expedition has been engineered from the ground up to take on any terrain whether its paved road or rough terrain wilderness tested on the roughest trails from BC, to Moab; this kit comes standard with a full-width design made out of 1/4" aluminum side rails and ten 2" extrusion cross bars which allows you to carry anything from kayaks to lawn mowers—basically anything that requires transport across land surfaces!

Stealth Wind Deflector and Light Bar Shroud

If you’re planning on installing a light bar on your 4th generation Toyota 4Runner, you want to make sure it doesn’t take the brunt of branches and other debris. The Stealth Wind Deflector helps keep everything in its place with a low profile that reduces wind noise. It also keeps your lights from getting stolen by thieves who might want to make their own lighting system out of them. The aggressive profile also protects the light bar finish from the elements, and controls the unwanted lateral light from hitting your hood.

Stealth Black Powder Coat Deflector/Shroud Finish

The Stealth Black Powder Coat Deflector Finish is a great way to draw attention away from the light bar as the color lets it slip away into the shadows. Out of sight, out of mind. This finish matches the black that most light bars have to unify them. The powder coat makes it easy to maintain and keep looking clean. The deflectors are made from aluminum, so you won't have any issues with them rusting or becoming weak over time.

1/4" Aluminum Side Rails with built in lights plenty of access and grab rails

The 1/4" aluminum side rails are secured to CNC machined mounting blocks. The rails come with numerous cut-aways to provide you plenty of access as well as grab rails. The box construction and material choices provide ample rigidity even for advanced wheeling.

The side rails feature an option for integrated lights and come in shiny aluminum that will look great for years to come or for you to powder coat for your own custom color. The roof rack comes with all mounting hardware needed to install it on your vehicle.

Full-Width design to hold 4' sheets of building materials

The B1 Alpha Stealth Expedition Roof Rack is built to hold your gear, whether it's a 4' sheet of plywood, drywall, MDF or OSB. The full-width design allows you to actually carry large sheet of material like plywood, unlike many of our competitors. Simply slide it into place and secure it with straps. A perfect fit ridge secures the first sheet of the load exactly in place —a feature not found on any other roof rack in its class!

To install the Alpha Stealth Expedition Roof Rack simply remove your factory roof rack from your vehicle and replace them with the new Alpha Stealth Expedition Roof Racks. There is not much more to it.

The rack mounts directly over existing hard mount points on the vehicle, so installation is easy and requires no drilling into your vehicle's bodywork (just use caution when removing any existing racks).


The platforms inner dimensions are 6'7" long by 4'3/8" wide with a height of 3" from the center of your roof to the top of the rail.

CNC milled mounting blocks

The Alpha B1 Stealth Expedition Roof Rack billet aluminum mounting blocks are designed to extend the 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner operation load capacity, as well as simplify the installation process. Once you have those in place, the vehicle is fully sealed so no water ingress issues will weaken the mount point.

Industry leading load capacity

The B1 Alpha Stealth Expedition Roof Rack is light weight, made with aluminum wherever possible including side rails, cross bars and blocks. The only thing not aluminum is the beefy steel powder coated legs allow the rack can easily hold up to 800 pounds of whatever you need to take on your next outdoor adventure. This means it's perfect for holding 4'x8' sheets of plywood (or any other items that are typically sized in 4'x8') while you're on the road but then an RTT and gear cases on the trail. So if you've been wanting one but haven't found one that could handle the load, look no further than the B1 Alpha Stealth Expedition Roof Rack.


The B1 Alpha is the ultimate roof rack for your 5th gen Toyota 4runner. It has a great look and will carry more than any other rack on the market. This is truly an expedition grade roof rack that will last you for years to come!