In 2021 we took our longest ever overlanding trip to Moab Utah from Vancouver BC and Calgary, AB.  It is always when I go to the other end of the country something happens and I actually think there is something to it all. 

My G'ma and I were very close. She was the most wonderful cook, and actually one of the first VEGANs in BC. People use to call my grandparents crazy to their face for being vegan! My grandparents just knew more about nutrition from having read a tonne on the subject. Common beliefs like needing protein from animals sold to the public provided them...

Installing the BJ73 Landers Gear Platform How-To

Congratulations on your new gear platform!

There is a lot riding on the construction and safe installation of your mounting setup. Lets get it installed right.

Getting Started / Tools and Workspace

1) Stock Trim Removal

  • Plastic Removal Tool
  • M15 Socket + Wrench or Drill

1b) Non-Cargo Tray Nut Discovery (option for non-cargo tray model)

  • Flashlight
  • Long Metal Punch
  • Drill Bits
  • Drill

2) Plate Install

  • M15 Socket + Wrench or Drill
  • M6 Allen Key + Wrench or Drill
  • Long Screw Driver
  • 4 x 15mm socket cap screws (black)
  • 4 x 6mm socket Toyota mounting...

New for 2023! The BJ73 Landers Gear Platform Goes to Production

The BJ73 Landers Gear Platform replaces the 5th generation Toyota 4Runner stock cargo area. Its durable surface laminated coating and sturdy 13 layer plywood construction plus a 1/4" plate steel mounting rail system make the gear platform an adventurers ultimate base solution for gear mounting needs. This IS NOT bed liner coated 6 layer plywood that will off-gas toxic fumes. This is a professional solution, very high quality base materials and not much else. 

Why we made this
Its function is both for permanently mount gear to it like a kitchen and slide fridge or for temporary mounting gear with straps. During 4wd the sound of unsecured heavy...

BJ80 Landers Rack Goes to Production

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added a new product to our 2022 lineup.

BJ80 Landers Rack

"The Rack" has been engineered to take on any terrain whether its paved road or rough terrain wilderness tested on the roughest trails from BC, to Moab; this kit comes standard with a full-width design made out of 1/4" aluminum side rails and ten 2" extrusion cross bars which allows you to carry anything from kayaks to lawn mowers—basically anything that requires transport across land surfaces! 

Why did we decide to...

How To Take The Stress Out Of Cooking When Camping

There’s nothing better than getting out and enjoying the great outdoors. You find yourself deep in nature with all of your favourite things: family, friends, crisp clean air and fresh delicious food. Cooking on a camping trip is a stress factors for some, so we’re looking to make it easier with you today.

BJ Landers BJ45 Sticker

Camping is great fun but chances are statistically, your family are mostly glampers and meals are one of the key ingredients to bringing family together.

Food tastes different outdoors! The hunger is more perceptual, all your senses are heightened, and fresh ingredients taste SOOOOOO GOOOD! A car fridge...